Nail Files: Zoya Style

I decided to grab a Zoya with my Birchbox points. They didn't have many choices so I came up with this one, Marley.

I LOVE the way the polish came on - very smooth and not crazy thick. I think I just might be a Zoya fan.

This isn't really a "fall color" - so sue me ;)

Do you ladies like Zoya?
I LOVE that it's chemical free!

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  1. love that color! Definitely something I would wear

  2. I've never used Zoya before but that colour is gorge!

  3. Yes i love that Zoya is chemical free too! Love companies like that! Great color!

  4. haha you don't really have to abide by 'fall colors' when it comes to nails... or that's what I think. Gorgeous color! I should use my Birchbox points for something...

  5. I think it's fun to wear all colors during different seasons! The color looks so pretty on you!!

  6. Good choice for what to do with your points! I like zoya, I just painted my nails with a darker purple shade that I got from a box.

  7. I've never tried Zoya - I've heard mixed reviews on their polish, but I think everyone has their personal preference and I definitely want to give it a try.

    This color is on my to-get list. It's so pretty and feminine!


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