Why Going to a New Gym Sucks

Ok, sucks might be a strong word...but, it's up there.

Maybe it stems from the fact that I'm not a fan of change. Once I find my comfy little circle, I don't want to leave it.

Going to a new gym is all kinds of icky. You no longer have "your" parking spot or "your" piece of cardio equipment. You're accustomed to working out in a certain order but if the gym isn't set up to how you like it - your routine is completely changed (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

You miss seeing your "gym pals" at a new gym. Of course new gym pals can be made but it's just not the same.

I also noticed that everything smells different. The cleaning products are different so your nose is keen on the new smell. The equipment smells different. (Not to be gross, but it's true!)

Back to cardio equipment, the bicycle seats just don't feel the same. You finally got your booty used to riding that recumbent bike...now it's time for your booty to use a different one!

Do any of you ladies feel my pain??!


  1. I totally agree, I hate going to a new gym. I like knowing where I am going and what excercise machines to use. I like 'looking' like I know what I am doing and at a new place, that just doesn't work!

    GOod luck xoxo

  2. sorry it's been a rough start at your new gym. it's been years since i was a member of a gym but i can say that wayyy back when i was a member of bally's, i felt like it was a meat market and all the women were barbie dolls lol. i would wear my ex bf's big tees and baggy pants.
    i hope it gets better - it will! :)
    hope the wedding planning is going well and your november is off to a great start. <3
    lots of love xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh.... SO TRUE!! Even taking time off from the gym and going back a few months later is rough! I'm not looking forward to the re-adjusting after I have my baby!

  4. Haha I have a certain spot, dressing room, and cardio machine and when any of them are taken I totally say "Hmmmmph" to myself lol

  5. My last gym switch I went to a much BETTER gym, so that change was well received. But I could see how leaving somewhere you like would suck.

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