Wedding Wednesday: Photographer AND Save the Dates

I have a piece of advice for any newlywed beginning their wedding planning: Relax. Everything WILL fall into place just the way it should.

That's how I live my life - so why wasn't I planning my wedding the same way? Who knows. But I am now. No more stress. Even though there's less than 5 months away, it'll be ok. I'm taking my time with some decisions because when I know it's right - I'll know

I was trying to decide between all the potential wedding photographers. Which wasn't an easy task! Most of them started to seem like they were the same and I was deciding between which package I get more out of versus the beautiful moments the photographer comes across. This was until I found MY photographer - the perfect one for us! We gave our deposit over the weekend so I can truly say he is "mine!" 

I am SO excited. Both V & I feel so comfortable with him and are so sure he is going to capture our wedding perfectly. We're doing an engagement shoot next Wednesday - he has some creative and fun ideas up his sleeve!!

Save the Dates
I've been in a debate for a few weeks now - to do save the dates or to not. I decided to do them - just a 2012 version of save the dates - online! I know some of the older people won't be happy with this but I truly wanted to not only save money (and trees!) but also give people as much time as possible to plan.

I took out our last names & the city we're getting married in - so don't think there are those big white spaces on the actual card!

Next On My List
Right now, I'm searching crazy for a band (small jazz ensemble) and an officiant. I hope to tackle these two tasks within the next couple of weeks!

After I get these done - then on to the fun stuff! (Table decorations, favors, etc.)

As always, if you have any advice you'd like to share - please do! ox


  1. I know a fantastic sax player who is part of a small jazz ensemble - he would be perfect! Here's his Facebook page:

  2. Great advice and LOVE the Save-the-Dates! :)

  3. Your save the dates are so cute - what an awesome photo of the two of you! I can't wait to see your engagement shots!! So happy for you and glad everything is coming together! Xoxox

  4. How cute is that save the date?! Congrats on getting more checked off your list!

  5. I love your save the date, the perfect photo!

    You have the right idea, don't sweat the small stuff. You will have a beautiful wedding and at the end of the day, all that really matters is that you will be married to your best friend. :)

  6. I love the Save the's adorable!

  7. Cami I'm over the moon thrilled for you......

  8. THanks for hosting the hop are so right!

  9. Yay!

    Do you not have a church you regularly attend that has a minister that could officiate? Just curious!

    Love the virtual STD! P.S. I filled in the blanks automatically when I read. Ha! I'm lame!

    LOVE you!



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