Thankful Thursday, 12.13.12


I am thankful for... 

-a loving, kind man who takes care of me when I'm sick...totally the best nurse ever- that's why I was MIA for Thankful Thursday last week!

-snagging a new purse during some online shopping...can't wait for it to come in!

-trying the "water method" for pomegranates and falling in love - never turning back to my old habits!

-being able to share my engagement photos with you all - and thank you for the very sweet compliments <3 

-despite crummy weather recently, still able to enjoy the local Christmas parade!

-making rum balls with my mom! Yes, we started Christmas baking already ;)

-V being asked to be a God-father - now we're both God-parents!
-every day with my love :)  


  1. I was wondering where you were! I am so glad you are feeling better and those pictures are amazing!! <3

  2. love that purse!! and i was totally just talking to some friends about the proper way to cut a pomegranate (after i read your post from last week) and my husband was talking about the water method! i had no idea either. and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your engagement photos!! they are adorable! the ones on the soccer field are priceless! happy thursday! xoxo

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I love that purse. The color is so fun and can go with so many different things! Yum to those rum balls!
    Glad you're feeling better and wishing you a wonderful day!

  4. Yay for holiday baking, new purses, and love ;) Hope you're having a blessed week!

  5. My daughter love pomegranate. I'm going to try the water method (even though it sounds like a form of torture)!

  6. So much to be thankful for! I miss Thankful Thursdays, can't wait for this place to be unpacked so I can have time to blog again!


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