Thankful Thursday, 12.20.12


I am thankful for...

being able to have dinner with one of my most amazing friends on Monday night! She is visiting from grad school for the holidays - it was so nice to catch up with her, share some laughs, and hugs :)

baby sitting V's god-daughter over the weekend...what a little bundle of joy she is!

my co-worker giving some delicious homemade cookies to me for the holidays - YUM

having motivation to work off those holiday cookies ;)    

I'm obsessed with them ;)

 I am so blessed to be able to enjoy this on a daily basis :)
Believe it or not, the weather has been quite warm here the past few days! 


  1. those pompoms look so good (and they match your nails)! :) dinner with friends is always so relaxing and refreshing - glad you had a great week, Cami!! Happy Thursday! Xoxox

  2. Yes it has been warm but we are under a freeze watch for tomorrow!! WHAT?? LOL Maybe it'll feel like Christmas ;) Have a great day and talk with you soon!

  3. Great list! Love the photos, especially the last one. I need a beach vacation! ;)

  4. Cookies are great! You being able to workout after them is great, too! I need to get more into the after workout than the cookie eating... ;-)


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