Wedding Wednesday: Music

DJ or live music?
What did you choose for your wedding?

We're trying to go for live music - a jazz band. But they are mighty expensive! (Like almost more than what food costs...ew!!)

Anyone know of any live musicians willing to travel to North East Florida area who would want to play at my ceremony & reception?! 


  1. We went with a dj. You're right, it's crazy what a band can charge...especially if there are a lot of members. Wishing you lots of luck, Cami! Hope your week has been wonderful so far! Xoxox

  2. We also went with a dj and he acted as the MC for the evening and kept the reception moving in the right direction. He even ended up out on the dance floor with everyone at the end of the night and in our conga line!

  3. I went to an amazing wedding in October that had a DJ and a live was nice to get a little bit of both.

  4. I'm so happy you asked! lol. I'm a big Michael Jackson fan, and my wedding was a few months after his death, so outside of the bridal march ALL my music was Michael Jackson played from my many Michael Jackson CDs lol

  5. Hi I found you on the Blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute. have a great week. :)


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