Happy Birthday to my Ma!


Happy birthday to my Ma who is one of the kindest, most generous, sweetest, most thoughtful people I know.

She always puts others first before herself - even people she just meets. That's how amazing she is.

Thanks for always being there for me - even sometimes when I don't know I need you. ;)

Can't wait to see you tonight to celebrate!



  1. happy birthday to your mom!! i hope she has a fabulous day!
    you are looking amazing, cami!! hope the wedding planning is going great. <3

  2. Did you mean "She always puts herself first before anyone else - even people she just meets. That's how amazing she is." ? Or did you mean something else and I'm reading it wrong? (Usually putting yourself before everyone else is a negative thing, so I just wanted to ask for further info since I'm confused!)


  3. What a sweet beautiful post! And so neat you got to spend her birthday celebrating with her! She seems like an amazing mom!

  4. Such pretty girls. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  5. What a young, chic mum you have! Congrats to her!


  6. Good morning Cami dear, You have been on my mind and I felt like I needed to send you a note vie your blog. I know you have been very busy planning your wedding and I caught up a bit on the latest news. It sounds like everything will be wonderful. I wish you both so many blessings and a special wedding day.

    We are very busy as well, planning our 50th anniversary party for April 20th. It will be a BIG celebration with about 100 people. I feel like I am planning a wedding too. Smile. I am making my own centerpieces and enjoying it so much. I am so excited about it all and we are planning to renew our vows. We are so blessed to be together so many years.

    Happy birthday to your Ma. I adore the photo you shared. Three beautiful women who love each other dearly. It so reminded me of my mom with her five daughters and a son. Like your mom, she was a selfless person who always was so caring and loving to everyone. I miss her so much but she is always alive in our memories. When you have a mother like yours and mine, it is truly a blessing.

    I am sending you happy wishes for all you hope for my dear sweet blogging friend. Isn't it amazing to meet someone on a blog and find yourself caring so much about someone you have never met. A bonus we never believed could happen. Smile!

    Until next time...
    Blessings and love,

  7. Awww...happy bday Cami's mom! :))


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