61 Days Until the WEDDING!

I am SO excited. 61 more days (which I know will fly by) until one of the happiest days of my life! (I am assuming when I have a kiddo, that will be another happy day;)

If you've been to an all inclusive, where did you go and would you go again? I'm currently on the hunt for an all inclusive. Would love your input.

I am also excited for my wedding so then I can start blogging again. ;) When I do have time to go on the laptop, I feel like I should be productive with the wedding. It seems like a never ending list of things to get done!

Happy Monday!  


  1. So exciting! I have not done an all inclusive so can't help with that but I am sure you will find the perfect place!

  2. HOW EXCITING!!! I cannot wait for the day that we get to hear ALL about how fabulous your wedding is!

  3. We stayed at Couples Swept Away in Jamaica, which is an all-inclusive, and it was fantastic!!! Some resorts "claim" to be all-inclusive, but then you have to tip, pay extra for certain things, etc. The only thing we had to pay extra for was spa treatments outside of our honeymoon couple's massage. Tips were included. Also, Couples resorts are for couples only. No kids, so it's nice to just enjoy being there together! Also, we got to go on a glass bottom boat ride, snorkeling, a trip into town, catamaran, margarita mixology class, Margaritaville, etc. all for free. (We paid for our meal at Margaritaville.) There were other classes that we could've went to, but we chose not to since we were enjoying the beach and such. Also, we thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant options, including an air-conditioned 5 star restaurant. We also enjoyed all of the pools, especially the one with the swim-up bar. We never did the night club, so I have no idea about that, but all the drinks we had were awesome! So...I highly recommend Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica!


  4. 61 days!! wow!! i can't wait to see photos and read all about your and v's special day! we went to sandals (all inclusive) resort in ocho rios jamaica. i'm gonna be honest and say it wasn't my favorite vacation. it was really relaxing and the food was great. our suite was so pretty and big. but i got bored. however, this is coming from someone who gets bored very easily. :) wishing you lots of luck on finding the perfect spot for your honeymoon!
    i hear great things about st. lucia!


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