January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Mad Libs RSVP Cards

To throw some flare (and fun) into your wedding invitations - it's all about the RSVP cards. 

There's many possibilities you to make it fun.

This is what I decided to go with:
Did you have fun with yours are did you go traditional?

(I went traditional for those who I didn't think would appreciate my humor!)


  1. It will be a lot of fun to read what people fill in on their response cards!

  2. That does look like fun! I was looking at your yummy menu. I was so shocked when my daughter got married a few years back. It was such a beautiful wedding. When I asked what she wanted to serve for supper she said, "Bar-b-cue beef, baked beans, potatoe salad (and other salads),... I about fell of my chair! Ha! I must say it was one yummy meal. Her cakes were very unique though and yummy as well... No plain white cake for that girl!

  3. Hahaha I love it...such a great idea, Cami!! I've been thinking about you and hoping that your wedding planning is going great!! Looks like you're having lots of fun with it!
    Have a sweet day! Xoxox

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  5. Hahaha... so funny, people will definitely respond this. It is a kind of creative idea. Your invitation will look some different from ordinary invitation cards.

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