Newlywed Confessions

Everyone always asks - so, how's married life? Does it feel different?

And you know what? It doesn't feel all that different...anymore. Why, you ask? Simple. Because from the moment I said "yes" - things were different. He has held my heart since the moment I met him. When I told him I'd spend forever with him - I knew the days ahead would be full of everything that made our relationship so perfect - abundant love, laughter, comfort, safety, hugs, smiles, kisses.

The few things that I've noticed that are "different," can only really be verbalized to others who are married. 

For example, when you meet new people and make new friends, they do not know you without your husband. So, it's kind of cool that when V's new guy friends (who are single) ask him to hang out, it's expected that I'm coming too. (And why wouldn't they want me there? I always bring them the best dinners or sweet treats.;)

New friends don't know your maiden name. My last name is also a first name - so I won't hear anymore "hey, you have two first names!" I will miss that. Who am I kidding? I am upset that my "family name" is gone - but - I won't miss hearing that "funny" joke.

Saying "husband" makes you feel more grown up...and when others call you "Mrs." Nowdays, 12 year olds use the word "boyfriend" - so when you move on up to "husband" - it's a whole new world!

Sleeping alone is rather depressing. I can't even nap anymore by myself! (Well, unless Chewy is with me.) In all seriousness, I find it hard to fall asleep with my husband beside me. Not sure because of a warm body, but because he is my protector and makes me feel safe.

You can go through airport security and customs together! It makes life easier when traveling.

When you see someone out in public, you will always be asked "where's the husband? How's he doing?" I can't even go grocery shopping alone anymore without hearing that...on several occasions.

Ok, so maybe there are more things that feel "different" than I realized...


  1. So true! We've been married two years now and I still like to say "my husband" or be introduced as "his wife." :)

  2. Awwwwww that's so special and fun to read. I'll be a Mrs is less than three months eeek!

    I'm torn about changing my last name {which i posted about today}, but excited to be married!

  3. Love this! I'm so happy for you guys! :)

  4. All valid points!! So glad you are happy!


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