Ipsy Bag: July 2013

Sexy Hair: weather proof humidity resistant spray

Nailtini: Mai Tai

Coola: Mineral Moisturizer with 20 SPF

Pop Beauty Crayon: Coral

BH Cosmetics, eyeshadow: California Collection

I am completely loving this color! Coral nail polishes are my favorite and it just comes out so pretty. I'm a fan of Nailtini (because of ipsy) - they have such fun colors and just portray a fun product.

I am a huge fan of moisturizers that are mineral based AND have SPF in it.

I'm not too sure about this crayon - it's a little too "loud" for me. But I'll give it a go. Can't hurt ;)


San Francisco and Mailbu have caught my eyes! The purple can take a hike - or someone can teach me how to wear it without looking like a clown!

I've tried the Sexy Hair Hairspray before - it's great and smells pretty good.

I'm a fan of this month's ipsy samples! Any bag that comes with a full nail polish is two thumbs up in my book.

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  1. Love that nail polish shade! Looks like a good haul this month. ;)


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