Another Thing I Love: The Armpocket

When going to the gym, I don't particularly like going with a bag. The less I have to worry about there - the better! That means the more I can focus on working out.

I always seem to have trouble finding something to put my iPhone in when working out. There are a ton of options, but I have yet to find an armband that not only fits around my (skinny) bicep - but that stays put!

That is - until now!

I was giving the opportunity to review and test the Armpocket! They truly are the ultimate armband! Not only are they comfortable and a cool color - but I can fit my gym key in it, a chapstick, and my license! That's in addition to my headphones and iPhone, as well.

If you've been like me and you've searched high and low for an armband that works - look no further.

You know what else is cool? The Armpocket is water resistant. So when you are doing some hardcore sweating, you do not have to worry. The material is also eco-friendly. (You guys know how important that is to me!)

Disclaimer:  Orca Communications Unlimited sent me a sample of the product for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own.


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