What I'm Loving This Wednesday 9.18.13

I don't think I've ever done a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" - so it's a first time for everything! ;)

Without further ado...

Dr. Jart's BB Cream
It's light weight, easy to apply, has sunscreen in it & doesn't leave any "spots" if I didn't apply 100% correctly. It's way easier than foundation, too!

My New Sticky-Note Book (Thanks, Mom!)
I am a little obsessed with sticky notes. And colored ones, too? I'm in heaven.

Florida Weather Lately!
Oh my! No more weather in the 90's?! Yes PLEASE!! I am so estatic that it is finally cooling down. I don't even mind the rain so much (especially since it doesn't rain all day) - the fact that it is somewhat "cool" at night and in the morning is an absolutely dream. Now if only the humidity would go away...

New Workout Schedule
It's such a dream to workout regularly again.! Monday & Tuesday have been a little wacky for me, schedule-wise - but back on the bandwagon I come as soon as I get off of work today!

Blog Family
I have missed blogging so much - reading all of your blogs, the relationships , the fun - all of it! I'm so happy to be "back."

What are YOU loving this week?


  1. Yay! We're happy to have you back too!

    Love those sticky notes :)

  2. That sticky note book is awesome!

  3. I'm in love with your sticky note book. I need it! ;)

    I'm glad the weather is cooling down for you. Love you, sweet girl! :)


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