No Longer a Blonde!

Ok, I wasn't a blonde very long. I'm not even sure if you could really ever consider me a blonde - I just had highlights!

Recently, I've become tired of them. Mostly because of how much work they are to maintain. I love how they look - but the maintenance is a little too much for me!

My natural hair color is a light brown. That's the color I was going for - with a little extra "pizzazz" to it. It turned out dark. Which, to me, is ok - it'll grow back! Even if it might not look the best on me because I tend to get pale after summer time - the way I see it - it'll grow back!

A lot of people have said its a good "fall color." If you dye your hair, do you follow what season it is - or you do what you want?


  1. I think the darker color looks great on you! I tried the whole ombre thing this summer and I love it because it's low maintenance (since the color is on the ends of my hair, I don't have to touch up the roots!) I considered going darker again for fall but I am still loving the color so I think I'll keep it and just let it grow out :) xo


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