Grind Gastropub - Ormond Beach, FL

For those of you who live in or around or are visiting Ormond Beach, there is some exciting news for you!

A new restaurant called Grind Gastropub (which is associated with with the Kona Tikibar) is opening up. This week marks their soft opening.

If you are looking for a place that makes you forget you are in Florida, Grind Gastropub is for you.
One side of the bar

View of the other side of the bar and part of the pub
You can get a fill for the pub with all of the awesome decor
More fun decorations

We were fortunate enough to attend a private party they were having. We had the opportunity to sample specialty drinks (that are accompanied by all-natural fruits, might I add!), appetizers and entrees.

The best way to describe the drinks is by saying they were exquisite. They were simply delicious! One of the drinks I tried was a type of "lemonade" with fresh squeeze lemons and fresh strawberries. There was some type of vodka in it as well, but the fresh fruit is what got me!

Everything sounds heavenly, doesn't it? And let me tell you - it was.

Traditional Island Poke. My favorite of the night. Better than any local sushi place.

Prosciutto and Fig Pizza. YUM! This was only an appetizer - it could have been a whole meal.

For the meals, we had the Veal Osso Buco with Rissoto and Sweet Potato Encrusted Grouper. Both of them were cooked per perfection and full of flavor.

We are excited that such a place exists in Florida - and in such close distance for us. The atmosphere is great, the food amazing, and all of the staff incredible.

Thanks for a great night, Grind! We look forward to many more in the future.


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