Chilly Jilly Lounge Pants Review

I was given the opportunity to review lounge pants by Chilly Jilly. The lounge pants came in the cutest little bag I ever did see. As soon as I took the pants out of the bag - I fell in love! They are incredibly soft and comfortable. They seem to be crease-free, as well.

When the pants were first described to be, I had the image of tight yoga pants in my head for some reason. They have a nice fit around my waist (and booty) but around my legs, they are so loose and just plain wonderful! They  are so incredibly comfortable.

Can't you tell?
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One of the cool things about them, I think, is that they seem to be pretty versatile. I can wear them to the gym, around the house lounging, to work, out for the night. (At least I think so!) You think I could get away with wearing them out and about??

Ok, so maybe not the best shirt to go with it...but I think you can catch my drift. ;)

No matter where I wear them, I know I will be super comfortable! I feel like I look somewhat cute in them and they aren't sucking me in like some of my yoga pants do. (Oops. Is that my fault? Or is that how they come? I'm going to go with that's how they come.;)

OH! And they are perfect to travel with because they are so light-weight and easy to fold-up. Actually, they will be perfect to travel IN as well...

Disclaimer: I was provided this product to review and not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own and I stand behind my review.


  1. I love Chilly Jilly! I have a couple of their wraps!!! I haven't tried their pants yet though!

  2. comfy clothes are the BEST!!! those are so stinkin cute too!

  3. I really like those lounge pants, Cami, and I think the girls would too. Nel is really into comfortable clothes right now because she has so many long days at work.

    Have a happy week.



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