Five Reasons I'm Ready for FALL!

Enough of this heat already, Florida! I want to be embraced by the crisp cool air of the fall - now!

Wednesday was chilly enough (mostly because it was overcast) to wear a scarf. Yesterday, after work, V & I took Chewy to the beach and were completely warm. The back and forth weather is a little nutty, if you ask me.

So, until I have control over are my top five favorite things about fall in Florida...

Crisp fall air without any humidity
Crisp air means I can walk from my car to the store without sweating (something I can't do during the summer.) No humidity means better hair days!! No Hagrid hair for me. It also means I can wear my hair straight more often.

Time to be honest...I have a problem. A scarf addiction. If I see a cute scarf for less than $10, the likelihood of me snagging it is fairly high. I just can't help myself! The sad part is that Florida isn't cold for all that long, so my scarf collection feels a little abandoned. 

A pair of good, flat boots that you can wear with almost any outfit is clutch. The boots have to be somewhat plain (in my eyes) so you (I) can get away with wearing them every single day. A pair of fun socks to go with the boots and you're in business!

Fall decorations.
Fall decorations - pumpkins, autumn leaves, turkeys, fall colors - they make me feel so homey and comfy. I'm not even sure why. My mom always decorated throughout the seasons. She usually went "all out" for Christmas, not I'm not sure why fall decorations make me feel comfy, cozy, and like I'm home. 

Chia tea lattes & pumpkin beer
YUM! I know I can drink chia tea lattes throughout the entire year, but they are extra delicious when the it's a bit chilly outside. I think it's all of the spices that are in them. Pumpkin beer is only around the fall season so those are actually a treat! There are also delicious spices in most pumpkin beer I've had! It's the spices that I enjoy - not the pumpkin so much!

What are some of your fall favorites?


  1. It's definitely starting to get cooler here in the morning, but by the afternoon it's still nice and warm (which I love so I'm not complaining). I'm trying to get every last ounce of use out of my pool before signing off for the winter. It was nice enough to have the slider open last night for a nice breeze instead of shutting everything up for the AC and I've been enjoying driving to work with the sunroof open instead of the windows up for the AC.

    I do love chai tea and hot cocoa, and am waiting for it to cool down just a little more before enjoying.

    Happy Friday!

  2. couldn't agree more, girl! love love love all things fall!!! such a fun season!

    found you on the linkup. excited to be a new follower!!!


  3. Cami,
    I love all those things about Fall too, especially the hot drinks and the decorations! The girls love to wear scarves during these cold months, and I have been looking for a pair of cute boots. Pumpkin beer sounds interesting. Have never tried it before.

    Happy Autumn!


  4. Those things make me so excited about Fall too.

  5. I'm with you on the scarves! My post today for my ABCs of Fall series is about scarves. Can you have too many? I don't think so lol


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