What I Learned From My Husband

Over the weekend, V & I were playing around with Chewy. It was really cute, so of course, I wanted to take a picture. (Surprise, surprise there - right?)

Well. I couldn't take a picture. It would have been wildly inappropriate since my darling husband had no clothes on.

I looked at him and asked him why recently as soon as we get home, the clothes come off.

His response?

"I read somewhere that if you take your clothes off as soon as you get home, you won't be in any pictures."

Whether or not he really read that somewhere or he was just pulling my leg - he was right.

And before you guys say - "man, what a jerk. He won't let her take any pictures with him in it!" -That's absolutely not true. He just wants to make sure he's looking his best. ;) I do the same. I don't want a photograph taken of me that might be somewhere on social media if I'm looking all crazy and my hair is a mess.

The Loves of My Life


  1. Haha this is classic!

    P.S. I hate it when H gets a super cute shot of Roxy but I'm in the background looking a hot mess :-P

  2. lol. Hi Cami! I think we are all like that. If it's gonna end up on social media, we want to look our best.
    I have a new blog address--my old blog domain was stolen from me after 5 years of hard work. I hope you'll come visit.

  3. this is hilarious!!! made me laugh and smile. thanks for that fun little gem of humor on a monday night, girlie!!


  4. pictures last forever so yeah!! I spend most of my days at home so I usually snap pictures anyways but of course the cute kiddos end up as the subjects instead of me ;-) Yay for getting a pic of the hubs! I have to be super stealthy with mine. Or he glares. ha!


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