Top Three Pet Peeves

-As of lately at least.

3.) When people don't pick up after their dogs.
I don't like picking up dog poop - who does? But I do it. I would rather do it then come across it all hard, nasty, and smelly. I can't stand when I come across dog poop when walking Chewy. It's absolutely disgusting!! AND - completely unsanitary. 

2.) When people feed Chewy human food without asking first.
To me, a pup is like a baby. In the aspect that - you wouldn't give a child a cupcake without asking Mom first - would you? If you would - shame on you. ;) I don't want Chewy getting accustomed to human food. Since he doesn't know what it really is now - it's great. When we sit and eat dinner, he sits on his carpet and chews his bone. No begging. HOWEVER - when people feed him human food...even behind my back, I can totally tell...he starts to get curious about human food and want it.

In the end, it's my decision what my pup consumes - not yours. He eats the very best DOG food around. Lets keep it that way.

1.) A kitchen sponge that is left wet and soapy in the sink.
Maybe you haven't put two and two together - or your nose isn't sensitive like mine - but when you leave a kitchen sponge wet and soapy, it starts to smell. It starts to smell real nasty!! When you go to use the sponge, your hands are left all moldy and nasty smelling. It baffles me when I come across someone who just leaves the sponge in there to soak and get all germy. 

 What are some of your pet peeves?  


  1. hello love on my SAME WAVELENGTH! wrote about one of my #1 pet peeves today too. great minds... ;)


  2. Ughhhh there is nothing worse than a sopping wet smelly sponge in the sink. I had to hang a sign at the sink at my old job because people would do this ALL.THE.TIME... so I refused to use the communal sponge on my dishes and just used the dish soap and my hands *sigh*

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I like this post because I hate all these same things ... especially the feeding dogs human food! The only table food we have EVER given Denali is lettuce or an occasional carrot stub. It is SO frustrating when other people feed him because we are the ones who have to chase him away from the table or put him in the other room while we eat. It's not like he is a small, easily ignored dog either ... his nose easily reaches the table. Ugh. lol Clearly I have the same issues you and V do. ;)

    And I can't even begin to tell you how gross I think the other two things are.. lol

  4. #3- Seriously!! I have to be careful saying anything to the hubby about this though because he DOES do the dishes for me!! Easy ways to sanitize it- microwave it (yes seriously) or run through the dishwasher on hot (I toss in with the dishes).

  5. I HATE a wet sponge in the sink! Rinse, wring out, and put it on the side of the sink, NOT in it.


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