Confession & Ipsy November 2013

Confession: I've been thinking about unsubscribing from ipsy for a couple of months now. Not because I am unsatisfied but because I HAVE SO MUCH MAKEUP! Realistically, you can only use so many different types of products on a daily basis. I've become the kind of person who is trying to get rid of clutter - but, it is tough! (Especially when you gain six new products and a new makeup bag every month!)

So, I've been going through my stash and giving it away to friends and family who I know will get use of it. The rest? I try to use more frequently...or I just have an idea in my head that I might use it one day - which might be unrealistic.

What do you do with all of your makeup??

As soon as I get a nail polish that is full size - I realize it is definitely worth the ten bucks...especially because I do not allow myself to purchase any nail polish anymore.

Be a Bombshell lip crayon: the color is "shameless" - it glides on very smoothly - very nicely. It's a little too pink for me - AKA I LOOK LIKE A CLOWN.

Nailtini in "Caviar Cocktail": PRETTY!! Perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

EM Michelle Phan lipstick in "Miss Moneybag": I guess this is a somewhat new product. I love it. It does not make me look like a clown - woohoo! I did a selfie picture with me wearing the product and holding the lipstick, however, I looked like a fool and refuse to embarrass myself. Sorry gals, I know you would have had a good laugh! 

HSI Professional Aragan Oil: I am a HUGE fan lately of aragan oil. Not just for my hair, but also for my body. When I wear my hair straight, this is a great addition. It mights my hair look so silky and pretty.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer: I still do not fully understand bronzer. Just use it like blush? That's what I've understood at least. So. Yeah. Not sure if I will wind up using this or kind of scares me.

Starlooks Eye Pencil in "Amethyst": How am I going to pull this off?! When you figure it out - let me know.

Thoughts: Totally awesome bag. 3 of these products I will most definitely be using - one of them is a possibility (the bronzer) the other two - who wants them?! No, but seriously...I do not want to look like a clown and purple eye liner? I'm not a diva.



  1. I love purple eyeliner. Just give it a try! You'll be surprised.

  2. Bronzer is the greatest thing ever. You can use it to warm up your face or contour your cheekbones to define your face more. Trust me, it's a beauty staple and you will end up loving it !! xoxo

  3. You can never have too much makeup ;-)

    I'm intrigued by that caviar cocktail!

  4. I did a 10 empties challenge...not buying any new make-up and unsubscribing from Ipsy until I emptied 10 products. It helped me finish some things and figure out what stuff I really need.

  5. I love ipsy but I'm in the same boat. Like who needs this much makeup!! I really need to go through mine.


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