Thankful Thursday, 11.21.13

Well. It's officially been a rough and trying week.

Thanks to God, a lot of praying, and a wonderful and supportive husband - I'm making it through.

In the moments and times I have a tough patch, there is only one thing to do besides pray - remember what you are thankful for.

A whole lot has made my list the past couple of weeks...

I am thankful for... Stetson Alumni Weekend - what a great excuse to see everyone. And in my case - hang out with my very best friends for a while! <3

I am thankful day! V & I hung out in St. Augustine and just had a great time. It was a "no cell phone/no work" kind of day - those are my absolute favorites! We enjoyed a delicious lunch at O.C. Whites, browsed some shops, bought some fun stuff, and ended it with a wine and calamari!

I am thankful for...hanging out with a friend of mine that is practically a sister (known her since I was 3!) every other Tuesday. Last Tuesday we made wine cork picture frames and spinach pizza! YUM!

I am thankful for...being surrounded by family and the ability to celebrate my (second) cousin's 1st birthday!

I am thankful goofy and beautiful god-daugther. I told her to "strike a pose..."

I am thankful for...snuggle time with Chewy! Who, by the way, is finally feeling better after his surgery. YIPPEE!
Isn't he handsome? ;)

I am thankful much love I get when I come home from work! I went on the floor to pet Chewy and this is what I get...he knows just how to melt my heart...
Don't judge - I put slippers on as soon as I get home and take my shoes off ;)
I am thankful beautiful walks...

I am thankful for...celebrating my parent's anniversary with them!

What are a few things you're thankful for this week?


  1. You're so cute :) Looks like life has been great!

  2. Cami,
    It's almost the weekend! Whew. You can get some r and r at the beach! Woo!


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