Life Throwing Curve Balls

I feel like life always throws curve balls when you least expect it. (Especially when timing is not good for those curve balls.) 

Disclaimer: this might be a somewhat cryptic post...everything is fine and everything will be okay. You know how I know? Because God's got my back - He has yours, too. I have faith that everything is (and always) happens for a reason.

Instead of crying about it, being upset, and being stressed - there is only one thing to do: make the most of it and get moving!

I feel like an opportunity is out there to seize before it's gone. After all, that is what I am suppose to do - right? I do not think it will be something that will be easy to find, it needs to be looked for, prayed about, and found. Just as the curve ball came out of no where - the answer, the opportunity - will come out of no where.

How do you handle these types of unexpected situations that life presents you with?


  1. Praying for you, sweet friend. In times like these, I try and remind myself of the power and faithfulness of God. He will see you through any obstacle. xoxo

  2. I love this post! God definitely has our backs and sometimes these curve balls are tests or struggles that we must overcome in order to get to this bigger plan for us. Hugs girl!


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