Matcha DNA Review

I love trying new products! Especially tea! Don't you remember my great new tea mug?

When I was asked to review some Matcha DNA certified organic tea, I was excited! Especially when I was told that it was 100% green tea AND organic! It is a powdered tea, which I have never tried before so I was a little "iffy" at first.

Matcha DNA Green Tea

Then when I tried it, my hesitation went away! I put it in some hot water, mixed with some warm milk. (I was going for a green tea latte effect.)

My taste buds were incredibly happy as soon as I had my first sip of my latte - YUM!

Then when I remembered how good green tea is for you, I was even happier. Green tea is known to reduce inflammation in the body, provide antioxidants (has the highest antioxidant superfood available) which protect from free radicals, and some studies prove that it helps you lose weight.

The Matcha DNA is a delicious treat to have any time of the day - first thing in the morning instead of coffee, an afternoon "pick-me-up," or "just because I want some tea."

This particular product is different than any other green tea because it is organic. The company also stands behind their product. Right from their website, they state that they "pride itself on being an amazing supplement to enhance health, energy, and well-being."

Disclaimer: I was provided this product to review and not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own and I stand behind my review.

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  1. I've never just used matcha powder to make tea or a latte, but I LOVE it in a smoothie with banana and almond milk.


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