Gift Ideas from First Day of My Life...

1: For the coffee/tea lover - set of 6 super cute ceramic 14 oz mugs!! I am a fan of bigger-than-normal mugs for some reason. I think they're just precious. Find them here
2: For the lady with beautiful locks - Wen conditioner. I have this in pomegranate and it smells amazing and makes your hair feel so super smooth and wonderful. I'm a huge fan and the Mrs. or little Miss in your life will, too. Find it here.
 3: For the cook or health-conscious in your life - a food dehydrater. You can make some delicious treats from it and a number of those treats being healthy. It's quite a unique gift as well. Find it here.
4: For the lady who gets her nails done - a UV light (with some gel nail polish, of course!). This will save your lady money in he long run! The cost of this gift will basically pay for 2 manicure sessions at the salon - AKA a gift that just keeps giving. Find it here.
5: For the art lover - art, of course! This beautiful peacock print is just one of the many options. As you can see, even though it is digital, it prints beautifully. If you're able to find a piece of painted art that won't break the bank, I'd suggest that instead. However, digital prints are just as beautiful. Find it here.

This is my first year of online shopping for gifts. So far, I'm a HUGE fan. I will only buy things that I can get free shipping on. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense.
No matter what you decide to get your loved ones, as long as the motive is love - that is all that matters! Happy gifting!

Don't forget to sign up for our Cookie Recipe Swap - tonight's the last night! It will be great fun!

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  1. Love those ceramic mugs, you can never have too many :)

    Happy Friday!

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