So...How's Married Life?

I get that question asked A LOT. Which is expected since we haven't hit the one year mark yet. (We're getting there!)

My answer is (possibly) going to come off cliche. I'm okay with that since it's the truth.

So, here's it goes...

"How's married life? You know, the first year is the hardest."
Wonderful. Exceptional. Nothing better. Life is absolutely grand - I can't even properly put into words how amazing it is.

I'm not sure why people have problems within the first year. I would think people would still be in the "honeymoon stage."

For us, as Christ followers, a huge part is that we are equally yolked. That is the main ingredient that binds us as one.

Not a day goes by where I am not reminded how much I am loved, how beautiful I am, how much thanks and praise I am given.

The past couple of weeks have been a little tough for me, and once again, I am reminded why I married the man I did. In my times of weakness, he gave me hugs, kisses, encouragement...and most of all, he prayed with me.

Our marriage makes me feel makes me feel makes me feel makes me feel loved and makes me feel respected.

I am thankful for a marriage like ours. And I pray that yours is as anointed as ours.

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  1. awww this is so nice to hear! You definitely lucked out!

  2. SO awesome!

    I was super nervous our first year was going to be the hardest, like so many people say. Especially since we didn't live together before we got married, I was so nervous about cohabiting. But I'm that mushy gushy happy newlywed too and it's so wonderful. I get happy when people ask and it's awesome showing them a NEW perspective, happy happy happy!

    A good friend of mine gave me the best advice, she said it can always be this happy if we choose to make it so. And I'm choosing to forever! :)

  3. LOVE this!

    I never understood why it's cliche to have a tough first year. I think that used to be the case back when people grew up having never lived anywhere but their parent's home (or college dorm) before moving in with their spouse. So, marriage brought on a lot of adjustments such as living on your own, paying bills, learning to live with your new spouse, etc... which I would imagine make a rough adjustment at first. We're in the middle of our 4th year, and knock on wood still going strong without any rough adjustments :)

  4. Awww!!

    I used to get this question a lot (and the one about kids) when we first got married. I always answered the same.. nothing's changed. Since we began dating, we were basically inseparable. We "officially" lived together 4-6 months before we got married (officially meaning that I broke the lease on my apartment). We didn't go through all that adjustments, because we were used to and had similar habits.

    I think some (not all) people that ask aren't happy and they are wanting an answer similar to one that they had. I wish there was more emphasis on being happy for the first year instead of being hard. It wasn't hard for us. If anything the second year for us was harder, because he was deployed.

  5. Love you guys! Your relationship and love for each other is so sweet and so evident. <3

  6. SO happy for you and so glad your doing well and loving marriage. Good for you for telling people how it is!! :)

  7. so happy you are doing well :) thank you for sharing

  8. Aww, that is so sweet! So glad you guys are happy. :) I don't know why the first year would be the hardest either. It was pretty easy for us because we were just so happy to be living together and we didn't have to miss eachother anymore.

  9. This was such an inspiring post. You two make an amazing couple and I love that he (along with Christ of course) makes you feel whole <3

    BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop. Join us!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  10. Beautiful! Just the way it should be! :)

  11. This is great! My husband and I didn't have any problems adjusting after getting married either. We couldn't figure out why everyone said the first year would be so hard. I actually think we got along better after marriage than before marriage! I'm glad things are going so well for you!

  12. That is wonderful! BTW, it's been 4 years, and people STILL ask me "How's married life?" lol

  13. Beautifully written Cami! And your wedding photo? Amazing! Someone call Martha Stewart weddings!


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