CBD, Collagen, Superfoods & Electrolytes

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Guess what CBD, collagen powder, superfood supplements & electrolyte powder all have in common?

Yes, they all have amazing health benefits. But they are also four products that I always travel with!

This past weekend, I was in Miami for the Seed Food & Wine Festival Summit and Tasting Event. That was four days packed full of a whole lot of knowledge, food, wine, beer, lack of sleep, and germs. (Don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks of germs when you're surrounded by a  ton of people and in new places?)

I take CBD, collagen powder, superfood supplements on a daily basis as it is and electrolyte powder when I need a little boost (particularly nights where alcohol is in the mix.) So you better believe I wouldn't forget these goodies at home when I travel!

For those who may not know what CBD is yet, it is absolutely wonderful. CBD (which stands for Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound that is found naturally in the cannabis plant; however, it is not mind-altering. You will not get high from taking CBD. Research has found that CBD interacts with receptors in your brain and nervous system and helps a myriad of systems. These systems include: anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, and the list goes on. 

It personally helps me on a daily basis keep my aches and pains at bay (the sad truth comes out - I'm getting old!) When I'm traveling, CBD helps me relax and sleep. I tend to have trouble sleeping when I am somewhere new. Greenroads, the company that makes the CBD I use, has all kinds of CBD products. Until this past weekend, I stuck with the oils. One night, I tried the "sleepy z's" that Greenroads offers; it has a minuscule amount of melatonin in it. Let me tell you! I had an amazing sleep. 

I will never travel without CBD. I actually have a bottle of it in my purse.

Collagen powder is amazing! It has 2.5g fat, 1g carb, and 10g protein...you can add it to your smoothies (which is what I did on this trip) or even add it to your coffee instead of creamer. Collagen is good for you hair, skin, nail, and joint support. I like this brand because it is non-gmo, grass fed, and dairy, whey & soy free. This flavor is tasty in a banana, strawberry smoothie!

For home, I just get a big canister of collagen powder. But when I travel, it's easier for me to get the collagen powder in individual single serving packets.

Again, single serving packets for travel for the win! Amazon Grass has MANY different superfood options (and flavors.) The detox & digest is made with all farm fresh alkalizing greens, more than twenty four cleansing ingredients, and 1 billion probiotics. The ingredients help eliminate toxins and soothe digestive support. 

I found this gem on accident. My husband, an avid soccer player, always drank unflavored (no dye) Pedialyte before game days and long practice days. I try not to buy plastic bottles so thought it was time to look into an alternative...here comes Ultima Replenisher! I started off with the single serving packets so we could test our the flavors and quickly came to lemonade being our favorite. The product has zero sugar, zero calories, 6 electrolytes and plant-based colors.

When looking into the reviews, I noticed many people saying they would take it before a night of drinks and it helped not being hungover the next day. Also, feeling note quite "right" the next day, I have taken it again and it has helped spunk me back up.

Do you travel with supplements? If so, tell me your favorites!

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