Homemade Starbucks "Medicine Ball"

Over the past few years, my co-worker has mentioned how good the "Medicine Ball" tea from Starbucks is - especially if she felt like she was getting sick or had a sore throat. At times, she has literally raved what a miracle it was and how it helped her compromised immune system.

I finally tried one a couple weeks ago when I was at the airport at 6am...before the sun was up! I had been feeling sick the days prior to my departure and was trying all natural remedies known to man to not be sick for my trip.

And what do I decide to do but wait in the longest line available at the airport at 6am. (Why do people want coffee before a flight? I'll never understand it. Don't you want to be sleeping?) But, I digress...

"Medicine Ball" time here we go!

It. Was. Delicious.

If you follow my Insta-stories, I snapped a shot of the yumminess. It really soothed my throat and was very tasty. I was surprised, too, that it was less than $3.

The closest Starbucks to me is 15 minutes away so I'll be honest here...I do not go often.

Which led me to creating this recipe at home! (With the ingredients I use, it winds up being about $1.60 per 20oz of deliciousness...you can make it even less if you use a different lemonade brand, but Uncle Matt's is where it's at! I also highly recommend their orange juice and apple juice! Or if you use less lemonade, the price per 20oz would be less.)

 Cami's Version of the "Medicine Ball"

-7oz of lemonade (more or less depending on how sweet you would like it)
-13oz of water
-1 bag of Jade Citrus Mint Teavana
-1 bag of Peach Tranquility Teavana
-1 teaspoon of honey (more or less depending on how sweet you would like it...ALSO, raw & local honey is the best but unfortunately I am currently all out!)

1.) Put your lemonade and water in a pot on the stove and bring it just about to a boil.
2.) Pour our lemonade/water mixture into your tumbler or extra large mug.
3.) Add your tea bags and let them steep. (I personally leave my teabags in my mug because I LOVE the flavors of the tea.)
4.) Add your honey.
5.) Let this yumminess soothe your throat and enjoy the taste!

I would like to note that this tea is NOT caffeine-free...the Jade Citrus Mint tea has caffeine in it...16-25mg of caffeine. (1 cup of coffee has roughly 95mg in it.) So it doesn't have a ton of caffeine, in comparison, but wanted to make you aware. If you are drinking this at the end of the day and are sensitive to caffeine, maybe take this tea bag out once you are finished steeping it.

Now go and enjoy a "Medicine Ball," whether you are sick or healthy, I promise you, you will enjoy it!

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