AM Essential Oil Routine

A lot of you have asked me "what do I do with essential oils?"

I decided to share with you my AM Essential Oil Routine - at least today's routine. 

As you can imagine, every day is different - full of different needs.

So as of now, here is how and what I am using today...

ORANGE. I put this in the diffuser first thing in the morning – it not only smells SO good, but it wakes me up and calms me at the same time.

THIEVES. This goes on the bottom of my feet after my shower to boost my immunity for the day!  (Lots of people around me are sick - I want to keep that icky far, far away!)

PEACE & CALMING. Lately, peace & calming is one of my favorite oils to smell! It is a blend of: ylang ylang, orange, tangerine, patchouli & blue tansy. I put it on the back of my neck, along with a bit of coconut oil as my carrier. It helps relax me and helps make me ready to conquer the day! (Side note - this oil now comes in the Young Living Starter Kit! That is actually how I was introduced to it, years ago...been a faithful user every since!)

LAVENDER. Lavender goes on the top of my ears to help keep me calm for the day – also to help prevent any headaches. For some reason, I am fighting a bit of a headache so trying to get rid of that as well.

THANKFUL ROLLER. This roller goes on the bottom of my feet before I put shoes on as leaving the house, along with putting it on my wrists (as a perfume.) It helps to ground me and promotes emotional balance. I sell this roller! If you're interested, you can snag one at my shop!

GRAPEFRUIT LIP BALM. I hate when my lips are dry – and with this cold Florida weather, lip balms are a MUST!

DEEP RELIEF ROLLER. Goodbye inflammation and tense muscles with this bad boy! I did a shoulder workout yesterday and my right shoulder needed a little extra love.

STRESS AWAY. This is the blend I’ve been using in the diffuser while at work. It’s been a little hectic there lately so I am trying to promote a work environment that reduces mental rigidity, restores equilibrium, and supports relaxation. It also reminds me of a margarita!

I am here to answer any questions you might have - ask away!

If you're interested in snagging some oils, you can do so here - either as a member (you'll get that great starter kit I mentioned above!) or as a retail customer. Any questions in the process, please reach out.

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