PM Essential Oil Routine

Time to share how I use my oils in the PM! (At least the lineup from today.)

PEACE & CALMING. I told you guys in my AM Essential Oil Routine post that this is one of my favorite oils! Before running to the grocery store, I throw this on behind my ears and on my wrist. You know how the grocery store can be sometimes…I always like to feel prepared and be in an uplifted mood, feeling relaxed.

PURIFICATION. This goes in the diffuser when I get home as it freshens the air and deodorizes. I’m trying to get my husband to realize how great the diffuser is VS a candle. Since I’ve been using this oil, it’s been helping me plead my case! It smells so good.

THIEVES. I’ll let you in on a HUGE secret here. If you’re one of those who cry like crazy when you’re cutting onions, open the bottle & leave it on the cutting board as you cut. You won’t cry!! It even works for my husband, who is in the same room but not right next to me.

ROSEMARY. A couple drops of rosemary goes in my shampoo. It helps promote hair growth and dry hair – both areas my hair needs help in. In the area of hair, I am in need of a lot of help!

THIEVES CLEANER. Thieves cleaner is SO concentrated. I do 1 capful of cleaner with the rest water in this bottle. It’s my multi-purpose cleaner. After dinner tonight, I cleaned all of the countertops with this cleaner, along with the table and stove.

RELAX ROLLER. Before bedtime, this roller goes on the bottom of my feet and on the temples – for both my husband and myself! If I get to bed before hubby, he reminds me to put it on him. You can find this roller available in my shop!

TEETH GRINDING RELIEF ROLLER: panaway, valor & lavender. This roller goes all along my jaw. Since using it, I haven’t had to wear a mouth guard to go to bed, which is pretty incredible!

As I mentioned before, in my if you're interested in snagging some amazing plant juice, you can do so here - by signing up as a member or as a retail customer. Any questions, I would be thrilled to answer...just send me an e-mail!

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