Board Game Butt Kick!

One reason I am super excited for Thanksgiving is the fact that it’s always board game and card game time after the best part of the night – dessert! (Okay, dessert isn’t the best part of the night…family, laughs, and bonds strengthened are the most fun!)

Depending how many people stick around after dessert, depends if we play poker or not. I used to be super good at it. (Not sure how I swung that one!) As of late, I’ve lost my touch a bit.

While searching online in order to gain more knowledge (and potentially start winning again!) I came across Free Poker Tournaments.  I was able to learn some poker etiquette, along with some tips while playing the game. It helped me to gain a different perspective while playing poker.

You can also play poker online from that great website, if you’d like. I personally haven’t done it – but I’ve heard great things. After all, practice makes perfect!

Mark my words – I will win some poker games on Thanksgiving! (I’ll be sure to report back to you all of all I’m going to win.;) And if you have any tips for me, maybe I’ll share some of my earnings with you! 

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