Georgia Aquarium

As most of you know, V & I spent the weekend in Atlanta (after a 7 hour car!)

Before leaving Atlanta to go home, we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium. It totally made the was the icing on the cake of an already amazing time. Both of us love animals (especially sea life!) so this was the place to be.

From research I've done, this aquarium is the biggest and best there is.

Since you couldn't share the experience with me - lets pretend you came with us...

Love birds ready for a day of fun!

This section has 3 "swimming pools" where you could touch/pet sea creatures!
You could touch a shark (baby hammer head lookalike), starfish, sea anonmea

A beautiful man next to some beautiful fish!


One of the touch pools

Jelly fish!

Oh, hello!

One of the fish tanks...look how many fish!

WEIRD...right?? Looks like a grouper.
Super creepy.


Sea dragon.
I've never seen one of these before!

An electric eel. Danger, danger!

Absolutely huge crabs!

Look how big!

The only whale sharks in captivity (there were two)!

Beautiful & unique creatures

Penguin love!

Mr. Albino Alligator!

Have you been to this aquarium? If so, has it been your favorite you've been to?
I look forward to going back in the incredible way to spend an afternoon!


  1. I've always wanted to go there! It looks amazing! Love the pics! :)

  2. It's funny, as close as I lived to Atlanta, I never visited this aquarium. We have visited the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN. It was pretty cool!

  3. We LOVE aquariums and have been to many, but not this one. We've wanted to go for years and were going to make a stop in ATL on our way to FL, but the weather was terrible and we drove on :-/ We want to see the whale shark so bad! Don't they have the belugas there too? One of our favorites are green sea turtles. We always wait around for those. The one in Gatlinburg, we waited around and went four different times to catch her and the divers finally walked around with us right as they were closing pointing out her spots she likes to hide and telling us her habits and when we could see her. They only come up for air every 4 hours, so when a tank only has one, don't be surprised not to see it. She finally came up and we followed her around for 30 minutes :) One of the most unique we've seen was a shark ray when they first introduced it at Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati. That was pretty cool. We also got to feed loggerhead sea turtles there :) You would get me on a sea animals kick!! :D

  4. Been to the one in Chicago and DC, the latter was a shoebox and a disappointment, but the former was awesome! Looks like you guys had a fun time! x

  5. We always try and go to either the aquarium or zoo when we vacation. The Aquarium in Seattle is great!

  6. awww, cami, it looks like you had an amazing time!! ahh, i want to go to georgia someday! you and v are so so cute together. all the pictures were beautiful. steve and i went to the aquariam in the beginning of our makes me want to dig out some old photos. :)
    i LOVE penguins so much. they are just too cute and funny. if i could, i'd have one as a pet ;)
    glad you guys made the most of your trip!!
    wishing you a wonderful day!
    thank you so much for all your kind support and love in my journey! it really means so much to me! THANK YOU, pretty lady!

  7. Yay aquarium pics! Making me want to go!

  8. THe NC Aquarium is FANTASTIC! Honestly, the best I've ever been to! (Our Zoo is one of the best in the county, too!) The SC Aquarium in Charleston is pretty fabulous, too! :-)


  9. Hi Cami, We had a busy week but I wanted to see how Atlanta was. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love your photos. The horses were beautiful and the Sea Aquarium looks awesome. I'm covering two of your posts here. Was the traffic bad? I hope not. You and V are a great looking couple and your happy smiling faces makes me smile. You have a way of capturing the best photos. We have been to the Miami Sea aquarium and Sea World in Orlando. Both were amazing. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and that you are home safe and sound.
    Love, Jeanne


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