Thankful Thursday, 4.19.12


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There are so many blessings that surround you on a daily basis - just open your eyes & look around.

If you're having a crummy day, I promise you - take a comment to reflect on your day and how amazing is truly is!

I am thankful for...

smiles from strangers...they never cease to make me smile!

new friends. V & I met 2 amazing girls when we were at the Steeplechase - we wound up having dinner with them and everything. It's so nice to meet people the "old fashioned" way and just get to know each other and learn about one another.

being able to do giveaways! (Don't forget to check it out!)

sales at Publix for Soy Joy delicious!

speaking of Publix...a local Publix had an accident over the weekend - I'm thankful everyone is okay! (An elderly lady rammed into the front door!)

spending time at the Georgia Aquarium last weekend! So many beautiful creatures.

talk of rescuing a puppy! (YAY!)

beach pedicures!

daily beach walks that has helped increase my beautiful seashell collection and see neat creatures like star fishes..

making sauce for V's birthday. (happy birthday, darling!) I'm also thankful that I can celebrate his birthday with him.

bag pipes! I miss bag pipers SO MUCH. When I lived in Scotland, I hear them daily. While at the Steeplechase over the weekend, there were some Scotsman! (Ok, they probably weren't Scottish, but I'm going to pretend.)

Atlanta weekend trips! Ok, so driving 7 hours for ONE FULL DAY of fun is kind of silly...but it was worth it...

At the aquarium

We got a complimentary limo at the hotel we stayed at...riding in style :)

We were probably the best looking couple there. ;)
(Totally kidding. I'm not THAT vain.)

Steeplechase 2012! Fun experience for sure.

The boys being boys...3 musketeers?

They're such beautiful creatures!

Look at him go!

Giddy up!


  1. wow great post
    thanks for sharing
    love your posts

    check my last post and do comment also

  2. Yay! Happy birthday to your man!
    What an amazing weekend! I'd drive 7 hours for that!

  3. I see below you had a blast in GA. YAY!

    And also yay for talks of rescuing a puppy! How exciting!

  4. A lovely long list of thankfuls Cami - looks like pure fun.

  5. hey love love your thankful list. And yep you guys are the best looking couple!!!! That That is an amazing find and yikes on the elderly woman driving into the publix store. Glad no one was hurt. Awesome too that you met those new friends. I love your awesome spirit...Have a great thursday!!

  6. Fantastic photos! Love it :))

  7. Puppy? :) You had a lot of great thankfuls this week! Sounds like you guys had a really good time away, glad it was such a good trip! Happy Thankful Thursday! Thanks for the linkup.

  8. Yay for puppies, the aquarium, homemade sauce, the beach, and smiles :) We've actually been to the aquarium in ATL and really enjoyed it. Looks like you guys did too. Have fun celebrating V's bday!

  9. That hat is too cute... :)

  10. I love bag pipes!! Haven't heard any in forever.

  11. is where we found Petey and Cinnamon! I highly recommend adopting a young dog and not a puppy. There are SO MANY young dogs that need a home and it seems like most people want a puppy. Also, a young dog is less likely to be destructive and is more likely to be house trained! :-)


  12. Awww LOVED this post! And I love love love your striped shirt and pretty hat! Looks adorable on you!
    Ahhh, a limo...a beach pedicure...yes please! :)
    I love your love for life, Cami!
    I hope you and V have a fabulous weekend!
    And I totally agree...meeting new and wonderful people is such an exciting and amazing learning experience and blessing



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