Thankful Thursday, 2.16.12

I love Thursdays!
I was overwhelmed last week by everyone who participate. When you participate, you make me want to do more link-ups! A lot of people said they are going to start a "thankful list" in their daily planner - that made me so happy...

So please, grab the button & link up your post that tells me what you're thankful for!


I am thankful for...

the reminder that it is not about the items you have that matter - but the outcome of your life. When you die, you won't be honored by what you had - but what you did with your life, how you made others feel, how much they loved you & how much you loved them.

Having 2 day weekends. I'll have two of those this month! (Usually I work Saturdays so when I have a Saturday AND a Sunday off - I am very thankful!)

A tv from V's grandparents. They got a new one so they gave us their old one. They are so thoughtful <3

A Valentine's goodie bag from his grandparents and a very nice card & Reese's (my favorite!) from my parents. They made my day!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, V surprised me with a cute teddy bear, candy, and card at work for the big LOVE day! He also got me Lady & the Tramp set in the most precious bag. (I had been babbling about how I want to see Lady & the Tramp again...I didn't realize he was actually digesting what I was saying!)

All of your lovely comments about my new blog layout. I know there's still a lot of work to be done but I am pretty proud of myself for doing what I've done!

Having the opportunity to go to a TED Show...blogged about my experience a couple of days ago. Would love to go to another one!

Remembering how much I enjoy learning & being in a classroom

Boiled peanuts! We grabbed some on the way home from Gainesville...YUM!
Speaking of our road trip, we found this great organic produce place (in the boonies) - we scored on some produce!

I have been to quite a few different countries - I am so blessed + grateful.

Receiving my very first Birchbox! Kind of disappointed but still fun getting mail.

Speaking of make-up, I've worn mascara for the FIRST TIME in two weeks this week. I had an eye infection and was told not to wear hard not to!

Having the finances to get rid of my old make-up and buying fresh, new! I still need to grab some eye shadow...everyone keeps telling me Urban Decay. Hmm!

I think I've already told you how I am so excited for the weekend of March 17? A college friend is coming to town ALL weekend...she has some great plans...I cannot wait to spend the weekend with her and some other friends. Miss everyone so much! Wish we all lived closer.

The opportunity to share my life with you all + remind myself how incredibly blessed I am! (And learn how blessed you are!)



  1. Fabulous list of gratitude Cami! Love your attitude as always :D

  2. oh wow! disappointed with birch box?! that's the first I have ever heard someone not like theirs! hopefully next months will be better....
    sorry about your eye infection! that's no joke...glad you are better... have a great two day weekend! enjoy it I am sure you will

  3. Great post! So much to be thankful for. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Cami,

    I love your Thankful Thursday post and yes I am adding a journal day to list my thankful entries of the week. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    Art by Karena

  5. We are like twins! lol

    I got Lady and the Tramp for Valentine's Day.

    We have some good friends visiting that weekend.

    and just got a tv given to us by a good friend of Johns.


  6. Hi Cami, I didn't do a new post for today. I just wanted to tell you I will next week. My dtr and family are coming today and I have been sooooo busy getting ready. They live in Kissimmee so this is a big trip for them to the mountains.

    I am thankful I met you. Your thankful list is so happy and you are delightful. I mean it.
    Love, Jeanne xo

  7. Urban Decay does makes some great eye shadow! :-) It's our favorite! But we have also been loving the new Bare Mineral Ready eye shadows.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your thankful list this week. :)

  9. Hi Cami! Just found your blog & love it.. I will join your Thankful Thursday next Thurs and I'm excited about it :D

  10. I love your Thankful Thursday posts and I just might have to consider doing my own thankful post...thanks for the great idea! Love your blog, always!

    :) -T

  11. I love your Thankful Thursdays posts! I think I might have to consider doing a thankful post of my own...thanks for the great idea! Love your blog, always! Have a great weekend!!!

    :) -T

  12. Aww yay for such a sweet Vday gift from V!! Love these posts Cami :)

  13. ohhh, i love urban decay anything. their colors are so are their names. i so want to go shopping for new face paint :) i want to take mucho bucks to ulta or sephora and not feel guilty. we shall see ;)

    wonderful list of thanks as always!!

    maria <3


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