Thankful Thursday, 4.26.12


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Cami is thankful for SO MUCH...

Being able to talk in 3rd person...ha! Reminds me back in middle school (I think) when kids would be kids and we just learned about talking in 3rd person and everyone would start doing it.

How I'm finally getting used to this new blogger look. (I think!!) I still don't like's definitely going to take getting used to. Sigh. Why do things that are perfectly find have to change?

The Relay for Life event this weekend! So excited. I think it'll be a blast. I've received a handful of donations - thank you to all who have helped raise funds to fight against cancer!

That many of you share in my guilty pleasures! (I still want a brownie, though...I guess leftover birthday cake will have to suffice!)

That there are so many people out there who are jobless and underemployed. Thank you Jesus for me not being in that category! 

Being able to watch a friend's little one grow up...she's about 1.5 years old now and she is just SO precious and beautiful. Poor little one is teething! :(

I was dog sitting (yes...again!) over the weekend on the same street I grew up on. SO WEIRD...but so cool. I took the dog for a walk right by our old's so funny because as a kid, I thought the place was "so big" but it was just because I was so small...ha!

Feeling pretty! You ever have one of those days where you just feel extra pretty?? Well, I am SO thankful for those days...that means my hair cooperates with me. :)

Sweet tea (half sweet, half unsweet) - yum!! They are definitely the little pick me up I've been needing lately...I've been craving sweet like crazy for some reason.

I love being like a little kid & playing in the sand. My sister went on a cruise this past week so I sent her a little message in the sand...heehee :D

Pulling off a surprise birthday party!! As you know, V's bday was last Thursday. I was able to be sneaky, sneaky and completely surprise him!! It made me happy because it made him SO happy. I'm so thankful I was able to pull it off :) It wouldn't have been the same if I planned it and he knew about it...this way was SO much better.

Me & my honey! 

 Cutting the delicious cake!

I definitely had to take over!

The ladies :)

 Happy birthday to my one & only! <3

Now what are YOU thankful for?!


  1. Girl, you are gorgeous!!
    I am thankful for my job. Even though it has me stressed right now, I'm glad I have a job to be stressed over!

  2. I blogged about the Relay on Sunday. participated in ours last Friday, good luck!

  3. cami, you have such an amazing heart. there's so much to say. i love love love your blue striped to with the white pants. you always are so pretty...your makeup and hair look wonderful! i need to wear my natural curls sometimes. i can get a little crazy. lol
    how awesome that you pulled the surprise off!!
    that little girl is adorable <3

    thank you so incredibly much for all your positive thoughts and prayers.
    i'm so grateful.
    maria <3

  4. I love the fun in your voice and your obvious zest for living.

    Following ya from Follow Me WEd. I would love it if you brought your beautiful energy to visit me at The world is beautiful from atop this wave and the ride would be so much sweeter with you on board.


  5. Looks like a blast! So glad you pulled off the surprise party for him. I did it once for my hubby and it was so much fun.. Maybe I should do that again ;) LOL Have a great weekend and talk with you soon!!!

  6. Hey Cami...I'm with you about changes and blogger. Yuck but slowly figuring it out. And the run...woo hoo. way to go!! As always...awesome pics. Loved that you pulled off the surprise part....Have a great your heart.

  7. Oh wow! This is such a happy post! I hope your little ones teeth hurry up! Thank-you for the big dose of happiness today!

  8. Yeah I don't much care for the new blogger look either.
    We had a Relay For Life last Friday!!! I have yet to blog about it, but I hope to do it this weekend. I love it. Hope you enjoy! Is this your first year?
    Now you've got me craving sweet tea. :)

  9. Good morning Cami, Your thankful posts are always a treat. I am thankful to know you Cami dear. You are a loving caring young woman and that is a lovely way to be. Your beauty is inside and out. It shows in every thankful word you write. I can't seem to visit you as much as I would like but I always tell my children, "Aren't you glad we have a full and happy life?" Smile!

    Happy belated birthday to V. Your surprise party sounds awesome. Your photos that tell your story are always a pleasure to see. I too love to use photos when I write my posts. Visuals are a good thing.
    Blessings and love to you today and always.

  10. i'm not sure how i feel about the new blogger layout either yet... haven't quite got the hang of it yet. love your hair in your self-portrait this week... wish mine would curl up like that! so pretty! and happy belated birthday to V! hope you have a great thursday!!

  11. So glad V had a great birthday! :) that cake looks delicious! I'm a big fan of half unsweet,half sweet tea when I'm craving something sweet!
    You look beautiful in that pic, and I love the one you put on Insta of you with straight hair!

  12. You are so cute. Loved your post!

  13. The hair look amazing and so do you! Their tea is the best, good southern style! I have never tried to pull of a surprise party, but it looks like it was great! Being part of a relay for life team would have been awesome!

  14. Love this Post

    You are Such a Beautiful Person! The cake looked amazing and the Birthday Boy looked like he was ready to eat it:)


  15. You are so pretty and I do understand those days when I feel good about myself. The party looked like a huge success. You are so blessed :)

  16. What a beautiful woman you are!!! my Thankful list is here this is my first time here
    hope you will follow me back

  17. Good on you for pulling off a suprise birthday party!!! And I love playing in the sand with my is quite relaxing..Cheers Melissa

  18. I don't like the new blogger either, I'll probably get used to it and they will change it

    Love your list and that pic of you is lovely! :)

  19. Aw, happy belated bday to V!! Love your hair in that photo!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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